Maybe I should have said “ This program saved my life.” I was a 53 year old fat, miserable and no energy person. I weighed 290 lbs and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch at night and watch TV. I reached rock bottom on a family vacation to Italy this past summer and what should have been the trip of a lifetime was a wake up call. I couldn’t walk very much with out pain and sweating. I couldnt swim with my kids because I was too ashamed of my body. I went to Slender Solon on the reccomendation of a friend who did the program and lost 77 lbs 2 years ago and has kept it off ever since. I was desperate and needed help. I met Dr Abood and the staff at the initial consultation and thought this would be another “ failed” diet like to countless others before. I even wrote in my daily journal to start the plan that “ this is just another money grab”. BOY WAS I WRONG. Dr Abood and staff have been amazing. They give you all the encouragement and support you need. Why this program works and the others didn’t. First you hold your self accountable. 2. You learn to live on reduced calories. If you make it thru the 1st couple of days and the sugar detox, your home free. Finally you get all the support you need from Slender Solon. What do you have to lose? Just weight and inches. I’m down 62 pounds in almost 2 months. And weigh 228 on 10/1/2018. I’m going to lose another 15-20lbs. Give Dr. Abood a call.