Hi Dr. Dan and Lisa, I just wanted to write to let you know how much I wholeheartedly appreciate both of you and all of your staff at both Nutrimost and Elevation Health. You have always taken care of me over the years, and each time I have a health need, I know I can count on you. Dr. Dan, you’re a phenomenal doctor and your passion for your purpose is so evident. I appreciate you hearing me out on my goals and customizing my program so that I can continue to do the workouts I love and also still get all the amazing benefits of the Nutrimost program. Most doctors follow a one-size-fits-all protocol, so I’m super grateful you took extra time with me to understand what I want to accomplish. Lisa, you are truly exceptional and are such a light. I feel so supported and care for every time I interact with you. Really, you’re like JOY embodied. I feel better just being in your energy and I adore you. Your programs are effective. Your treatments are effective. Your advice works. But it goes so far beyond that. You offer something that I so rarely see in the market today – HEART. I know you actually truly REALLY care. The way you go above and beyond is truly impressive and rare. What moves me most is that I know it isn’t just about customer retention. It’s about heart. And you’ve definitely got a lot of heart. Whenever I step into one of your offices or interact with anyone on your team, I know that I am being seen and heard and cared for as a human being. It doesn’t matter how many patients are in, both of you have always taken the time to genuinely connect with me, listen to me and serve me. I love that when I get adjustments or lose weight, I feel better physically. But that’s only a small part of it. There are so many chiropractors and weight loss offices, but nothing can even compare to what you all do because it’s the way you make me FEEL on the inside: valued, seen, heard, supported, empowered. Thank you for that. Thank you for everything! It was just important to communicate to you how amazing you all are and the impact you have on me and the people you serve. I see so many businesses make it about “business.” But when it’s about connection and service, the business just flows as a natural by-product. I have coached lots of entrepreneurs and executives trying to teach them exactly this principal. It’s just that I so rarely see it embodied in the spirit and DNA of actual businesses. You guys definitely embody it – you walk the walk. That really is rare and a beautiful thing to witness. In gratitude, Tonya PS Special shout out to Terrisa for taking my supplements from Debary to Lake Mary because she knew it was convenient for me. I really appreciate such kindness.