The staff at Nutrimost Nanuet are so caring and helpful. They were with me every step of the way encouraging me and giving me information. I just can’t believe that I wasted about 2 years before actually doing it. I’m a fitness instructor and swore I could do it without any help***WRONG***. DR. J and Lisa are so informative and willing to answer my questions at any time. They were full of encouragement! I knew it was real because I knew someone who took my fitness classes for years and his body never changed although he worked out so hard. I saw his transformation and knew it was legitimate but doubted it would work for me because NOTHING ever worked. Well it did. I was very good though and followed the rules to a tee. I felt great, wasn’t hungry and felt like my body was cleaned out of all the junk inside me. It’s been about 4 months. Weight is still off. I haven’t taken any pain relievers like Advil, which I did before and have no interest in taking. I encourage you to do it. Don’t waste time because it works!!!