Since I started this I have gotten quite frustrated. I am on my third counselor, I ask questions and I either get told I don’t know or let me find out and I will get back to you which never happens. I ask again at this next meeting and still know answer. I did lose 15 lbs right of the bat but since then nothing and have ran out of supplements and formula and am told the only way to get more is to pay for the plan again. To this I feel is not right. The things I feel people need you can’t seem to buy. Plus my first counselor set up my portal twice under different e-mail addresses and I still can’t get in. For the amount of money you have to spend I feel you should get better service. My first counselor was a marketing person at least that’s what she told me, the second was still going to school for nutrition and the third not sure what her specialty is and is coming from another city to fill in. I also noticed on this form that under location the facilities in our city are not even listed, I picked this one cause it wouldn’t let me move on with out it. I am in San Diego, CA. Not sure how I want to go from here.