I was on this program twice in the past three years, both times at Dr. Vince’s office in Downingtown. I lost 40 pounds the first time and 33 pounds the second time. This was primarily due to the motivation and encouragement of the staff. The staff at the Downingtown office is truly amazing. Dr. Vince himself lost weight on the program and uses his own amazing testimony to motivate and encourage his clients. “Thanks Dr. Vince!” Wanda, another great staff member, also uses her NutriMost success story to motivate clients. The most amazing staff member is Ashley. No matter how many clients she sees a day, and there are quite a few, she is ALWAYS bubbly, always smiling and always a source of sincere encouragement. Her energy and enthusiasm, even at the end of the day, is incredible. She guides you every step of the way and motivates you to succeed. “Thanks Ashley for your encouragement and inspiration to be successful. Thanks to you I am at weight lower than I’ve been at for over 30 years and, more importantly, thanks to you my type 2 diabetes is under control. You are amazingly awesome!!!” ~Kevin