My experience with NutriMost Minneapolis (Plymouth) was nothing short of amazing. I started the program a bit skeptical of what results I would experience but quickly discovered that I could successfully incorporate these new nutritional and lifestyle changes without a lot of difficulty. I can’t believe that I lost just over 40 pounds during the 40-day program. At the end of the program I gathered my family around and had them all lift a 5-gallon jug of water as I told them this was the amount of weight I had just lost.
Unbelievable! The Staff at the Plymouth location was so very encouraging and helpful as we met each week to discuss my progress. Ally was an amazing coach and had great ideas and recipes to fit my various eating tastes. Dan and the other staff were also very present and available for advice and encouragement throughout the 40 day program as well.
The program was amazing and I just couldn’t believe the weight dropping off all while not experiencing any hunger or loss of energy.
Thank you Plymouth NutriMost for your incredibly professional approach to developing my new healthy lifestyles and my new journey forward.