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NutriMost is a Fast, Easy, Low Cost Program to Increase New Patients and Your Income!

We believe that NutriMost is a dominant participant in the wellness and weight loss industries. The uniqueness of the NutriMost programs combined with proprietary NutriMost Intelligence and NutriMost Products have led to the success of our clients, our licensees and the NutriMost company.


Package & Promote your Practice, Your System, Your Programs & the technology to attract new patients. Just Compare the NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss programs with anything else available… There’s no comparison and that is the NutriMost Advantage and as a NutriMost Licensee that is Your Advantage too.

The Weight Loss Program Comparison chart is for comparison purposes and general information only. It is based upon best available and known information. NutriMost makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy or reliability with respect to the information, products or services on this comparison chart. In all cases, the consumer is advised to evaluate and rely on their own judgment regarding any product or service for the specific users needs. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly your own responsibility.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a NutriMost Licensee

  1. NutriMost has amazing tools and programs to participate, compete and obtain your share of the prosperous $574 Billion wellness and weight loss industries.
  2. NutriMost has many unique selling propositions making it easy to distinguish yourself and your practice from other programs resulting in attracting new patients.
  3. The World’s 1st and ONLY Weight Loss program to be STRONGSCIENCE® Certified.
  4. NutriMost Intelligence technology that is ONLY available to NutriMost Licensees which accurately and consistently creates personalized food lists to match the patients unique needs.
  5. Personalized nutritional supplement list and dosage determined by NutriMost Intelligence technology to match the patients unique needs that is ONLY available to NutriMost Licensees.
  6. Becoming a NutriMost Licensee and helping people to lead healthier lives is emotionally and financially rewarding.
  7. NutriMost Licensees weight loss programs are supported by an IRB approved RCT trial and a Prospective Cohort Analysis. This gives you and your patients peace of mind and makes it much easier to obtain referrals from other healthcare providers.
  8. As a NutriMost Licensee you have the advantage of the support of a network, a unique line of high quality professional supplements only available to Licensees, Technology not available anywhere else, studies to support the program, certification for
    efficacy and safety, yet you can utilize your own name and website so that you can market your distinct advantages and the uniqueness that sets your office and services apart.
  9. NutriMost programs have historically created an amazing referral network among patients and prospects.
  10. Other optional support and tools that were created or developed for NutriMost that were designed to help the licensee succeed while creating a truly unique experience for the patient.
NutriMost Intelligence is the foundation for developing completely customized protocols for NutriMost clients and members. The proprietary algorithms and data that fuel NutriMost Intelligence and develop NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss programs are exclusive to NutriMost and are only available through NutriMost locations.


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  2. Preferred
  3. Neutral
  4. Cautionary

IRB approved RCT Trial and STRONGSCIENCE Certified

NutriMost is much more than simply a premier Wellness & Weight Loss company. NutriMost is also a technology company that has utilized the collective talents of “Silicon Valley of the East” professionals combined with Dr. Wisniewski’s knowledge and clinical experience to create the algorithms, processes and databases that power NutriMost. These proprietary technologies are ONLY available at NutriMost locations.

NutriMost has strategically developed a number of technological systems and processes.

Through NutriMost Food Plan Intelligence, personalized and very specific food plans are developed for each individual that account for their unique requirements and wellness challenges.

Food plans are broken down into four categories for each of the various food groups (meats/poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, legumes, milk/dairy, beverages, nuts/seeds, oils, herbs/spices, etc.).

To augment nutritional deficiencies and provide additional support, NutriMost Supplement Intelligence determines the specific nutritional supplements that are best for each individual. NutriMost has created a line of premium supplements that are distinctive in their combination of powerful botanical nutrients, synergists, cofactors and active transporters to create effective supplements. NutriMost supplements are designed specifically for use with the NutriMost programs.

Unlike more than 97% of the supplements currently available in the marketplace, NutriMost supplements are from a living source, whole foods and are excipient-free. There’s no added magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, palmitic acid, silica, talc or any other excipients in nearly every NutriMost product. NutriMost premium nutritional supplements are only available at NutriMost locations.

As a NutriMost Licensee, you are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself. The NutriMost Licensee model is based on collaboration. Get on the fast track to success today!

Schedule a licensing consultation with one of our professionals by calling us at 1-844-688-7466